Fun Puns

My boss recently published an article on his research, and a lot of media outlets picked it up and reported on the findings. Yesterday, I fielded multiple calls from people requesting interviews with him and decided this was a good opportunity for an April Fools’ Day prank. With a name like Exploding Head Syndrome, someone was bound to make a joke, so why shouldn’t I be first? I created a fake blog/news post and printed it up for him. He thought I had legitimately found it on the Internet, and I had to fess up.

Here is the original story, where I pulled some quotes and misused them. Note the ridiculous picture they use to go along with the story.

My version is below:

BS news


What Keeps Me Awake At Night- For Now

So many things keep me awake at night, but the latest comes after the *recent death of a colleague. I didn’t know him very well (he had just started), but I was suddenly overcome with worry that he hadn’t completed his life insurance sign up, or that he hadn’t left a will for his children. This then led to me worrying about my own will and my own life insurance and creating a space in my head that made it impossible to sleep. Death, even of someone you are not close with, brings up our own mortality in different ways.

My daughter, who is 14, told me she had written out a bucket list. I asked her if she knew what that meant. She replied, “It’s a list of things I want to do.” I told her that a bucket list was a list of things to do before you die. This confounded her. She wanted to know why it just couldn’t be a list of things to do- why did it have to do with death? Isn’t the point of making any list so that you could finish it while you were alive?

She has a point. Why does it have to be a bucket list? Why can’t it just be a list? So I am starting one of my own, and here is the item at the top:

Spend time with my children- listening, asking questions, making them laugh, telling them stories and teaching them how to live.

 Me and mo photo 49 IMG_2675

*This post was originally written back in August 2014, but never posted.