It’s a Start

I finished another chapter this weekend. Small victories. Having a workspace away from my house makes a huge difference. I really like this community workspace idea. I’ve met some great people and, it turns out, there are community workspaces around the world that have reciprocal agreements for members. For example, I could happen to be in San Francisco (don’t I wish) and need a place to work for a day or two. There are close to a dozen community workspaces where I could work at no charge because I am a member of one in my own town.

The idea of coworking is not new, but I didn’t appreciate the idea until recently. While the space I rent is only a short walk from my home, it still provides me with a space free from daily distractions like children, laundry, TV, dishes, and dogs. I do take one of my dogs with me now and again- usually when I’m working very late at night.

If you’re struggling to get writing done at home and don’t want to spend the money to rent an entire office, Check out coworking spaces in your area. They’re not or everyone, but it could be a viable alternative to working from home.


Coffee with Hafiz.

Lauren Hanna has a way with words. Enjoy.


Hafiz and shoes

I am in a love affair with Hafiz. His poems tickle my throat and turn the corners of my lips up. His words dance with my fingers as if I wrote them myself.

I sit in the streets with the homeless

If my alarm sings at 6:45 then I am out of bed by 7:03. I stagger to the coffeepot and pull it out from the open rack where it sits. The rack has six shelves on which our dishes, glasses, mugs and microwave precariously sit. We have no cabinets, save the ones we keep the oatmeal in. Once the oatmeal is put away there is no more room for dishes or coffee pots. We’ve lost almost all of the wine glasses to the tipping dance of the rack, each time you add a plate or take one away. They fall to the floor and throw their pieces across the…

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