How Much Time Do I Have to Change My Mind?



It is time for a new computer. My old Macbook has almost had it—the plastic casing is cracked and flaking, the spacebar sticks, it is not compatible with anymore downloads, the battery life is fleeting, it’s memory is almost always full and it has gone from a bright white to a very dingy grey.

The problem, for me, is the money. I have a hard time spending that much money on myself. I didn’t have any problem purchasing my husband’s new laptop, but when it comes to spending it on something for me, it’s very difficult. I think it’s a mom thing. Some would probably say it is also a self-esteem thing—maybe I don’t think I’m good enough for a new computer. Well, that’s not it at all. I’m just practical—I know I’m going to have to save a bit to pay it off, which also means I’m going to have to give up a few minor luxuries to have something I really need.

My last big purchase sat in it’s box with the receipt taped to it for three weeks before I could convince myself to use it. That wasn’t even close to as expensive as this new Mac I’m looking at. I’m going to do it, I just need some more time. I need to really convince myself that it’s necessary. My ‘M’ button dislodges as I type this. 



Social Media Fiction

I’m trying something new to light a fire under my creativity. I had dreamed up a short story about a guy in his mid-30s who finds himself jobless with no prospects. He turns to temp jobs to “find his way”. I decided to turn this into a fictional blog, written by the main character, that recants his experiences in different temp jobs. I’m hoping to allow it to be humorous, but also explore some of the darker side of humanity without being too depressing. I guess I’ll just have to see how it pans out.

In any case, you can find this flog (that just doesn’t work for faux blog, does it?), or fictional blog on Tumblr. My son tells me Tumblr is only for teenage girls, but I hope he’s wrong. I doubt many teenage girls will be interested in reading this. 

Want to follow along?:

All Hail the Performing Arts Programs

My oldest daughter, Maggie, is in love with anything that involves Pride and Prejudice. She has read the book many times and seen all the movies and is working through anything even remotely related. One of the local high school’s drama club was performing Pride and Prejudice so, against my better judgement, my friend (even more obsessed with P&P than Maggie) and I took MJ to the show. 

I lowered all my expectations, mainly because I have been to many high school productions and they can be pretty sketchy. I thought a high school performance of P&P could be an absolute abomination. It surprised me. The men’s roles were cast very well and all the young women did a great job as well, especially Elizabeth Bennett. Mr. Bennett was Asian and had these fantastic glued-on mutton chops. He really played up the humor, and made me laugh. 

It was so much fun- going with my friend Melissa helped, as she is like me and has a humorous commentary for everything. MJ loved it as well and to sound like one of those Visa commercials:

Tickets $25

Concessions $3

Time 2 hours

The joy on Maggie’s face- Priceless.